Industrial News - Mid March 2016

The Brisbane industrial market has been booming of late, with confidence slowly creeping back to pre-2008 levels.

 Whilst the Trade Coast is the fastest growing industrial region, the North Side is still a powerhouse given its access to major arterial roads and locality in general. Rising capital values and an increase in sales is an indicator that the Brisbane industrial sector is on an upward trend.

A caveat to the continued prosperity of the market is the state of the Australian and global economies. Interest rates remain at record lows and don’t look, if the United States and European markets are to be examined, as though they will rise anytime soon. Presidential elections in the USA, federal elections in Australia, and potential disharmony in the EU loom as potential threats to economic stability, although it is nigh on impossible to quantify these risks. The RBA’s announcement on the 5th April suggests that interest rates will at least remain at current levels for the immediate future.